I’d pinch myself, but I don’t want to hurt the baby

Well, it’s happened. I’m finally pregnant, and I’m not past 30!

My period was about 10 days late as of tonight, and who was I to question my good fortune at not having that torturous monthly visit? But for whatever reason, Chris thought it would be a good idea to take a pregnancy test. Just to see.

Now, I have peed on many a stick in my time, and only once has one turned any color other than yellow (and even then, it was but 24 hours before the joyous event turned tragic). So while I wanted to share Chris’ enthusiasm, I was rather skeptical regarding the chances that two pink lines would appear on the stick, and that Chris and I would gaze with wonderment into the little window, then into each other’s eyes, then be catapulted into each other’s arms by a swell of violin music, and then the camera would cut to a scene where, clad in overalls or perhaps an oversize sports jersey and a messy but adorable ponytail, I’d be helping Chris paint the new baby’s room, oblivious to the hazards posed by exposure to toxic fumes. But, putting my cynicism aside, I peed on the stick to placate my poor, sweet Chris and his naive fantasies about me getting pregnant.

After the requisite five-minute wait, we went into the bathroom and looked at the test. “Oh well!” I sighed after a cursory glance in the test’s direction failed to conjure up a large neon sign saying “Congratulations, your gametes have hit it off!” “Not pregnant,” I said dismissively.

“Yes you are!” Chris said. And there, underneath the first pink line, was another, lighter pink line. Guess it doesn’t hurt to look at the test.

So here we are, 5 weeks pregnant, according to Storknet’s due date calculator.

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