The end is at hand!

Just when I thought I was going to be pregnant forever and ever, I got two pieces of good news from Dr. Goncalves’ office.

The first piece of good news is that he is willing to wait to induce until 11 days, rather than 10, after his due date (his is the 9th, ours is the 8th) so that my mom doesn’t have to go directly from the airport to the hospital. The other good news is that he doesn’t think I will last that long (sorry, Mom!). In fact, he said it is very likely I will go into labor tonight or tomorrow.

Between my regular, close-together contractions — which have resumed since last I posted — and my fingertip-dilated but almost completely effaced cervix, and given the fact that the baby dropped weeks ago and now is about as low as they come, it looks as if we will not have to wait very long at all to bring the wee one home. (Which is good, because her head is hurting my butt and as for her feet … well, let’s just say it’s very lucky that the liver regenerates!)

The car is packed with labor bag, baby bag, laptop and snacks, and I am staying off certain of Chris’ favorite furniture items in the event of flash flooding.

I am convinced that this is happening because yesterday, before the contractions began, I scheduled a pedicure for 9 a.m. tomorrow. It is a birthday present from Chris and I really can’t think of a thing I want more! With my luck, I will enter Labor & Delivery (oops — since we are in Canada, that should be Labour and Delivery!) sometime before my birthday treat with the same sad, haphazardly-painted nails I inflicted on myself two weeks ago in my final, rather futile attempt to reach my toes. It would have been nice to have had pretty feet. That, I suspect, is exactly what my wily uterus realized and — always one to rain on my parade in the past with ill-timed periods — quickly went into action to prevent me from having any happiness, comfort or feelings of attractiveness in these final days.

Little does that organ realize, I did manage to shave and pack makeup for the hospital! Ha!

Well, I will keep everyone updated on my condition (although it may be via the labor email Chris set up awhile back). With any luck, the baby will hold off until after I have exited the salon with soft feet and lovely nails.

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