Oh, happy day

Maddi and I both woke up in great moods today. My high spirits were a result of her sleeping for five hours in a row, and NOT (as often happens) in her bouncy seat with me turning the music and vibration back on every 15 minutes. Her high spirits occurred because she woke up well-rested, was retrieved from her crib before her quiet fussing turned into frantic crying, and was promptly changed and fed to bursting.

Chris and I enjoyed a good 20 minutes of Maddi’s morning cuteness today. Maddi was in her bouncy seat, where I had put her about an hour earlier so I could grab a few extra Zs for the road. Chris had come into the room to retrieve some clothing and Maddi gurgled “Hi, Daddy!” to him and “Wake up and play with me!” to me (just not in so many words). Maddi is usually a mellow little angel in the morning, and we happened to catch her during a period of very happy alertness.

There is nothing better than a blissful baby, and this morning was one of those perfect blissful-baby moments. It started with some cute cooing, and Chris stuck around to hear Maddi’s latest word, “ah-goo” (also very popular is the ever-adorable “glurrhh”). Then, realizing she had the complete attention of both Mommy and Daddy at once — usually she doesn’t even have them in the same room at once — Maddi let loose a barrage of smiles, grins, smirks and near-laughs, along with additional utterances of “ah-goo,” “glurrhh” and even the odd “glaaa.”

We admit these are not actual words, but we still thought they were brilliant and adorable. And we have never seen her smile for such an extended period of time. We took turns giving her kisses and were rewarded by her trying to suck on our noses, which we shall assume was her ill-coordinated attempt to reciprocate that expression of affection.

I have to say that, in my book, nothing compares with the joy of interacting with one’s baby, and for her to be in such a great mood and so social for so long was pure magic. This morning was one of those memories I will keep in my heart forever.

Cue violins

Coming soon: A cute picture of Maddi at five weeks.

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