Take this baby on the road

Maddi loves the car. When she was younger, she would fall asleep within minutes of leaving the driveway, and now, while she doesn’t always sleep, she still enjoys her car rides and coos happily to herself as we ride along. (Unless, of course, we drop below 60 mph, an event she senses instantly and which causes her to fuss until we are back above 60.)

Because traffic lights are sure to send our little princess into a barrage of piteous wails, Chris and I have been taking lots of highway drives and jaunts along country roads. On Saturday, we decided to travel up to Vernon using a scenic back road wigh no traffic lights. Alas, it was closed for repairs, so we headed up Highway 97. It was a gorgeous drive, and when we got to Vernon we thought, “Hey, why not head up to Sicamous?”

At some point before we got to Sicamous, we decided that our afternoon drive was so pleasant that we really should just make a weekend of it and head to Lake Louise and Banff, some of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Except for a few diaper explosions of epic proportions, Maddi was great for most of the ride there and back. At the hotel, it was another story. Since she had slept all day, Maddi spent the night of her first vacation noisily cooing and passing gass in her playpen. Therefore, Daddy and I were not as well-rested as our little princess on the following morn.

Despite our bleary-eyed demeanor and the horrid tourist T-shirts we were forced to wear because of our rash decision to turn a three-hour drive into a mini-vacation, we enjoyed the beauty of the blue-green lake, the stunning mountain vistas and our equally gorgeous baby, who hardly made a peep until we were back in Sicamous, where our trip was to have ended the day previous.

Here is nine-week-old Maddi reclining on her very first hotel bed in aforementioned tourist apparel:


Here she is enjoying her lovely reflection in the mirror:



And here’s our little traveller chilling out in front of Lake Louise (don’t worry, the brake is on!).


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