Food for thought

One of Maddi’s first “life lessons” apparently will be delayed gratification. You see, while Maddi is intensely interested in food, she will not be getting any until she is six months old.

Of course, we can’t stop the baby from dreaming.

In the past few weeks, I’ve observed Maddi staring in wonderment at whatever tasty treats I manage to consume with her in tow. For awhile, she’s been eying such diverse foodstuffs as burritos, granola, tortellini and barbecued chicken, but only with the vague interest that she might afford a dog or a stranger at the mall.

But a few days ago, I poured myself a glass of bright-orange V8 Splash and downed it in front of her. Maybe it was the bright color, or maybe it’s just Maddi’s time to become interested in food. Either way, our wee one was riveted. Her eyes followed the cup as I brought it to my mouth and back down. “Mommy is eating,” I told her, just as I tell her when she’s about to eat, or when the cats are eating. Maddi looked at me wide-eyed, then burst into gales of uproarious laughter. As I finished my drink, she continued to stare at the glass and laugh.

Ever since that day, Maddi has stared obsessively at me every time I ingest food or drink. She ogles cinnamon rolls and gazes in rapture at brightly-colored salmon maki. She smiles knowingly as I shovel in pasta. Occasionally, as she is intently eyeballing a drink, she will reach out and pat the cup.

She loves being at the dinner table. If she’s taken her naps, she will sit in someone’s lap smiling at everyone as they eat this amazing stuff they call food. She hasn’t tried to swipe any food — yet. It is just a matter of time, however, before food ogling escalates into food grabbing and, perhaps, even food mouthing.

Alas, it is not to be, sweet Maddi. Not until November 6.

This next two months may prove very frustrating indeed for our little gourmand, who never met a food source she didn’t like. It’s not like we can even tell her “It’s for your own good,” because, frankly, we’re not even sure she understands “Hi” yet (although that doesn’t stop her from trying to say it!).

No, our darling daughter will have to figure out for herself that good things come to those who wait. (Let’s just hope she thinks strained squash is good.)

And here is Maddi at 19 weeks old, clearly getting quite enough nourishment without sushi or V8:

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