Tooth and consequences

There’s nothing better than a gummy baby smile. Sadly, we will never see Maddi’s gummy little smile again.

That’s because, after months of slobbering, night-waking and biting, our little daughter has finally cut her first two teeth!

On Saturday while feeding her applesauce at Nana’s, I thought, just once, that I heard something scraping the spoon. But when she smiled later, I couldn’t see anything rising up from her wee pink gums. Tonight in the bath, however, as I was washing her little mouth, she bit me — and there was a little something extra, it seemed. I pulled back her lower lip and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw two teensy white ridges, barely visible but very easy to feel.

They won’t be showing up on camera for awhile yet because getting her to show her teeth is about as easy as getting her to allow us to suction her nose, but Maddi definitely has two sharp little lower incisors.

Coming someday soon: Pictures of the wee one’s little chompers.

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