Maddi mania

Did you know you are, right now, basking in the virtual glow of the world’s tiniest celebrity?

Most parents of new babies hear the words, “Oh, she’s so cute,” or “What beautiful eyes he has” at least once a day. But I suspect that not too many babies have their own enormous fan clubs with chapters practically everywhere. (If they do, don’t tell us! We like to think our baby is special!)

For her fans who live far away, the wee one has her website. And her photo gallery has thousands of views. We’re not really sure how many thousand because it’s connected to a bigger gallery, but I’d say well over half of that gallery’s 49,564 hits (since May 1) are from Maddi fans.

She’s not without fans nearby, either. In addition to her doting family and extended family, who really are required to adore her, Maddi has a group of admirers at the health unit where we go to weigh her each month, supporters at local business establishments we frequent, and even some moms in playgroup who have admitted to me that she is indeed the cutest baby in the world.

Maddi’s biggest fan base by far is at the gym where I work out. For an hour and a half each day, she is spoiled rotten by the women who do child-minding there. As we walk in, Cora and Evelina pull out Maddi’s favorite piano especially for her! And if there aren’t other kids in the child-minding room, she gets toted around the fitness center, where yet more gym employees lavish their affections on our wee celebri-cutie.

A few months back, I discovered that the picture the gym’s electronic system brings up when I scan in was changed. Instead of my mug shot, a photo of our darling daughter comes up on the screen and alerts her fan base to our little VIP’s arrival. And when I brought her in today, the people at the front desk joked, “Oh, just leave her here with us; we’ll play with her.”

Because (and not to brag or anything) we have the most inquisitive, friendly and amusing little baby there is. We’re not conceited, just stating a fact! She is pure sunshine, concentrated into a wiggly ball of fat and set loose on Earth to clamber her way into people’s hearts.

When we’re out, we really can’t go five steps without another person coming up and saying, “I’m sure you get this all the time, but your baby is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.” Really, it could go to a baby’s head! But so far, despite the VIP treatment and requests for handshakes, Maddi is still as down-to-earth as she was before her rise to fame (which coincided with her increase in cuteness around two months old). She not only takes the time to chill with her fans, she even seeks people out, making eye contact and showing off those gorgeous pearly whites before she’s even approached. No sunglasses and bodyguards for this little star!

Of course there are a few things every starlet requires of her entourage, and Maddi is no exception. She likes her food — whatever is on the menu — to be served with a generous side of Cheerios so that she may alternate mouthfuls. And she specifically asks that a box of toys be placed just outside her crib so she can reach in when she wakes up and grab a plaything or two (or five). And, I hate to say it, but she has even been known to grab a camera or two.

Her people, however, immediately released a statement saying, “It was just a joke. Maddi was playfully hugging the camerawoman and her actions were misconstrued. Maddi has the utmost respect for the mamarazzi.”

Would this face lie?

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