Busy baby

It has been a busy few weeks. Two weeks ago, Chris and Maddi and I went to Whistler so Chris could interview for a job. Most of the time was spent sitting in the car or sleeping in the hotel, but it was exhausting nonetheless. I spent the next week resting up, but this past week we went to Oliver twice — once for Chris’ cousin Becca’s birthday, and again two days later for her dance recital.

My spotting had died down a bit after Whistler, but picked up after traveling the 60 or so miles to Oliver twice in one week. In response, I have reached new heights of laziness, laundering only Maddi’s clothing and rewearing mine more times than is appropriate. My thinking is that wearing smelly shirts won’t hurt the baby, but carrying a laundry basket down the stairs (especially since Maddi has decided this is one of her favorite methods of conveyance) just might.

The cat is out of the bag at Maddi’s playgroup. I tried to skirt around the questions about everyone’s efforts at conceiving new babies with vague, general answers. But one of the other moms asked me directly, so I had to spill. Back when I was pregnant with Maddi, I would have worried that this very acknowledgement would instantly cause the embryo to flee my uterus, but I have taken a much more laid-back approach with this baby, at least where superstition is concerned.

However, I am still steering clear of lunchmeat, soft cheeses, sushi, caffeine, and unpasteurized juice, as much as I may want to consume them. I’m also steering clear of cleaning the catbox, although that’s a lot easier to do than avoiding delicious, delicious salmon rolls, which I’ve so been craving lately.

Only one week until my next OB appointment, when I get to find out if I need to keep steering clear of the gym and Chris’ advances as well.

And here they are, the Week 9 photos! (Don’t get so excited; I had a big meal beforehand and we all know how pregnancy can back a girl up.)

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