To exhaustion

Normally I’m a person of logic and reason. But for some reason, during my month of reduced activity, it failed to occur to me that the reason I was feeling so incredibly great this pregnancy was because I was on reduced activity. Two weeks ago, if you had asked how I was doing, I would have told you I had boundless energy. Well, what I know now is that it’s easy to have boundless energy when you are sitting or lying down 70 percent of your waking day. And when your waking day consists of only 14 hours (thanks to Chris for getting Maddi all those breakfasts!). When you have just come off a full year of sleeping 6 hours a night (or less, for the first three months), chasing after an active baby all day, and doing housework after said baby is in bed, of course you are going to feel energetic on bedrest, no matter what your hormonal situation!

The day after I got off reduced activity, I spent an hour working out, returned home, and did some long-overdue cleaning. Before 5 p.m. (let alone the end of my workday!), I was ready to crawl into bed and die a very rapid and hopefully restful death. The next day was no different, and in fact, the whole week has seen me exhausted by Maddi’s dinnertime.

I’m still not feeling any nausea or peeing very often and for some reason “the girls” have remained their standard size, but now that I’m off reduced activity, the old, familiar fatigue is back and I definitely feel pregnant.

And here I am at 11 weeks, looking almost as tired as I feel (don’t get excited, these pictures were taken after a big meal!):

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