Free at last

I’m free! Well, sort of.

Monday morning, the OB finally let me leave the hospital — but with strict instructions to do no lifting, walking, housework or child care. While I can stand for a shower and sit for dinner, I am supposed to spend as much time possible lying down. Easier said than done, of course, when you have a toddler, but I am doing my best to keep the baby in there as long as possible.

It feels great to wear my own clothes, use my own bathroom, eat real food and to not be hooked up to an IV. Maddi has been sleeping a lot better since I got home, so consequently Chris has been feeling a bit less zombielike. We’ve got the living room babyproofed within an inch of its life, so I’ve spent the past several days lying on the sofa as Maddi plays to her heart’s content.

That’s not to say that I’m not still a bit stressed out. No sooner had I gotten my hypnobirthing DVD set than I found out I might not even be delivering vaginally at all. With a breech baby who may or may not have a short cord, and a placental abruption that likely won’t be healed over by the time I deliver, I’m not sure I’ll be able to avoid a C-section without endangering the baby. That’s just one more question for Dr. Goncalves at my follow-up appointment next week.

However, the good news is that our little boy is getting bigger and bigger and kicking up a storm. Every day that he remains inside my body, he gets healthier and more prepared for his debut. It is weird knowing that he will most likely be born before January, and that he may be a November baby, but between the steroid shots and the fact that we’ve already made it to nearly 34 weeks, I am hopeful that he will be a healthy little guy when the time does arrive.

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