Bottoms up!

Which do you want to hear first — the good news or the good news?

Guess I’ll start off with the good news. The baby has finally moved out of the breech position. On today’s visit to Dr. G, his head was lying low in my pelvis and his feet were kicking happily away at the left side of my ribcage. That means that I won’t be needing a C-section unless the abruption progresses or the baby goes into distress.

The better news is that, since the bleeding has been resolving itself, I am finally allowed off the couch. Yes, the baby and I are both off our butts now. I am allowed to do light housework (but not vacuuming), child care and short shopping trips again, so long as it doesn’t exacerbate my pelvic pressure and contractions. This is good, because I was going insane lying on the couch all day.

Enjoying my newfound freedom, Chris and I immediately headed to the store and picked up some newborn diapers and other things we might need should I go into labor in the next little while. With our first pregnancy, at 32 weeks, Chris and I had purchased many wee outfits, most of the necessities, ordered furniture and started to ready the nursery. With this baby, we had purchased one sleeper (in the 3-month size — no use to a newborn and especially to a preemie) and had no nonpink receiving blankets, changing pads or diapers (unless he arrives weighing 22-37 pounds). We won’t even discuss the furniture situation. It’s not that we don’t want to buy things for the new baby, or that it’s an afterthought. We’ve just been waiting until we had more money — because we thought we had more time! After all, Maddi waited right up until Week 39, Day 5 to make her grand debut.

Of course now we are just a wee concerned that we’re not going to make it that far. In fact, Dr. Goncalves cautioned me against being too active, as he wants the baby to stay in for two more weeks. I’d rather that were a given than a goal, but such is high-risk pregnancy, I suppose! So, while I am excited to get the house ready for the impending arrival of the wee one, I am also trying to take it easy and not exert myself too much in my eagerness to clean the house, ready the nursery, and amass an adequate supply of clothes and blankets that do not contain lace, ribbon, or the colors pink or purple.

Just in case my freedom-induced nesting frenzy throws me into labor, however, my labor and hospital bags are now packed and in the car!

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