All smiles

James has been smiling for several weeks now, but this week he’s gotten jollier still. Perhaps he is seeing us better or maybe his gas is clearing up, but our wee boy has several long periods during the day in which he’s awake, alert and smiling his cute little face off. Recently, he’s begun spontaneously smiling when he notices someone looking at him or coming toward him. Even at 4 a.m., when he’s fussing in his swing (yes, I’m a bad mom and my baby sleeps exclusively in a swing!!), James greets me with a smile as I groggily stumble toward him, making the early-morning wakeups all worthwhile.

He also coos constantly, and if he’s not cooing, all one has to do is look James in the eyes and say “ah-goo” and he will coo sweetly back in his darling little baby voice.

For awhile, James had something sort of like colic, only not as bad. There was a five-hour stretch every night where he cried more often than not, and I was worried that it would last forever. Luckily, just as Maddi’s did, James’ fussy spells ended as we transitioned him into a proper sleeping schedule (which, I was thrilled to learn yesterday, is exactly what the doctors at the famous U.S. Colic Clinic recommend) and lo and behold, his sunny disposition became an (almost) all-day thing. Except for a short period close to bedtime, we can usually coax a gummy grin from little James any time of day or night with a minimum of parental silliness.

And here is a picture of our 13-week-old boy doing his thing:

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