Sit a spell

“They” say to expect two kids to reach milestones differently, but apparently our kids are peas in a pod. As he grows older, James looks more and more like Maddi, and on Sunday morning he began sitting for a few seconds at a time — at almost exactly the same age Maddi did so, when you adjust for gestational age.

Just when I had gotten used to him rolling over, he surprised me while I was “helping” him play with his toys by suddenly sitting bolt upright and balancing perfectly on his little, barely-existent bottom. Of course, a few seconds later he slumped face-first onto his play mat, but sure enough, over the course of the morning he replicated this new trick time and time again.

I have to say, out of all the milestones he’s reached, this one’s the most exciting for me. Once James is able to sit, it will be much easier for me to watch both kids and give them equal (or close-to-equal) snuggles and attention. Plus, it opens up a world of new options for my wee boy — sitting outside with toys on a blanket in the grass, eating in a high chair, getting wagon rides with his sister, and being propped up in the stroller so he can out at the world. It’s such an exciting time in James’ life!

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself, as James can only sit for about five seconds at most without then toppling over and crying in frustration. But I know it’ll be only a matter of weeks before he’s sitting like a champ and enjoying things around him even more than he already does. As exciting as milestones are with one’s first baby, sometimes they’re even more exciting with the second because now one knows how much they’ll enjoy doing those new things, and the anticipation is just so thrilling.

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