Holiday cheer

This was the best Christmas ever, and no one can accuse me of having had too much spiked eggnog when I say this. (In fact, this year I made sure that not only was my eggnog rum-free, but also that it was pasteurized.)

Being a person who loves Christmas, I have had many a great holiday — even when the only thing under the tree was underwear. After all, Christmas is about giving, and about being with family. Oh, and let’s not forget decking the halls!

But this year, I have to confess, it was a little bit about what I was getting. Because all through my twenties, I’ve wanted something that never ceased to elude me — babies. I received lots of great presents this year, but even though Chris went over budget in getting me all those little material things we like to find under the tree, he failed to top what he’s already given me: our little Pele, who can now be felt bouncing around merrily inside me just about every minute of the day (and night).

Yes, even more fun than baking gingerbread cookies and placing ornaments on the tree was feeling our little daughter or son somersaulting about and jabbing its little arms and legs into our hands.

Since the baby is due about a week from Chris’ and my birthdays, I suspect that those special occasions might be overshadowed by the sublime joy of the wee one, as well.

Happy holidays! Here are the Week 21 belly shots:

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