Rest for the weary

It’s always nice to be told to take it easy and not strain oneself, but not so much when it’s your doctor who’s doing the telling.

I went into today’s appointment slightly concerned because of a little spotting, but not too worried because I’ve been feeling exhausted and nauseated (good things when you’re pregnant!) and because I had admittedly overdone it, cleaning the house from top to bottom not once but twice over the weekend for Maddi’s first birthday and my turn to host playgroup. I simply promised myself I’d spend a few days slacking on the housework until I felt a bit better.

But I wasn’t prepared for “reduced activity.” Dr. Goncalves easily found a viable fetus, but the heartbeat was impossible to find with his office’s ultrasound equipment. Given the bleeding (which is common, as I knew, but still cause for concern, which I didn’t), he ordered another ultrasound at the hospital for a week from today, when the baby will be bigger and easier to see. He also put me on “pelvic rest,” and told me to reduce my activity and definitely not go to the gym, which broke my heart just a little bit because I started the pregnancy so healthy and was hoping to remain fit right up until delivering this baby. Of course, as dismayed as I am by the pelvic rest and reduced activity, it will be well worth it if it keeps the baby safe and sound.

Next Wednesday can’t come quickly enough, though. As much as I worried about Maddi when I was first pregnant with her, it’s nothing like the worry one experiences when one hears all may not be right with one’s pregnancy.

After the appointment, I came home and exercised every pregnant woman’s prerogative — the right to a good cry.

I’m not sure how I’m going to “take it easy” with a very active one-year-old, but I will certainly do my best.

And here they are, the Week 6 pictures, in which you can see I’m in the best shape of my late 20s (for now)!

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