It’s a baby!

This past week, so that I could obey doctor’s orders, Chris kindly babyproofed the entire upstairs. Not only are all the vacuum outlets taped over, but there’s now a baby gate between the dining room and kitchen so Maddi is relegated to the main living area. Basically, it’s like a giant rubber room. For the first time since she started crawling, I’ve been able to lie down and relax without having to leap up every three seconds and conquer some sort of imminent danger or destruction. And with Mommy relaxing, that means the new baby is relaxing, and the only person getting worn out is Maddi (but that’s a good thing!).

I’ve been completely slacking on vacuuming, laundry and even dishes, and Chris has been giving Maddi meals after her morning nap. That means that, although it’s not uninterrupted sleep, I am now getting 8 to 10 hours’ sleep each night, which is as much as the mom of an active toddler can hope for, I think.

And all my hard nonwork was rewarded today when I went in for my ultrasound and was rewarded with a real live baby. That’s right, folks, although I am still bleeding, the technician was able to find that elusive heartbeat and the baby seems to be fine.

I’m still on reduced activity, but it’s much more comforting knowing it isn’t in vain.

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