Dance, baby, dance!

Perhaps it was her tireless Riverdance rehearsals in utero. Or maybe it was the inspiration provided in May (which should be ancient history) by her cousin Becca’s dance recital. What we do know is that Maddi is quite the little dancer, and she didn’t pick it up from Chris or me. Not that we’re terrible dancers, mind you, but it’s not like we bust a move around the house. Ever.

She dances when her toy farm chimes out the notes to “Old MacDonald.” She dances when she hears the word “dance.” And today at the Festival of the Tomato, after I put her down because she was wiggling like a maniac, she took her act on the road.

The live band was playing an Irish folk song and I guess Maddi felt inspired to show off her smooth moves. As soon as her feet hit the ground, our wee girl was burning up the grass! Nobody knows where she learned to shimmy and move her shoulders like that, but the little one can sure get down! This video was actually her lackluster “encore performance” — the original was performed with much more enthusiasm and hip-shaking (and no, Grandma and Grandpa, we did not teach the baby to wiggle her bottom and she couldn’t have gotten it from TV because she’s not allowed to watch it; she probably thinks she invented the move).

Here’s our almost-16-month-old boogying her heart out:

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