Hair today, gone tomorrow

I really thought that when the time came for Maddi’s first haircut, I would shed at least one tear. But I’ve never been one to get sentimental about parting with my own locks, and I guess it carries over to my little girl as well. Just as I get antsy for a haircut when my tresses start looking long and unkempt, Maddi’s “baby mullet,” as we called it, was really starting to bug me. On Tuesday, I drove her down to our local children’s salon and I hate to say it, but my excited demeanor was not just for Maddi’s benefit. I hope that my failure to weep over her first haircut does not make me a bad mommy, but I looked forward to her new ‘do as much as I look forward to appointments with my own stylist.

Of course, one can’t expect a girl of 15-and-three-quarters months to sit patiently in a beautician’s chair while a hairdresser labors meticulously over every strand. That’s why we went to a salon where the clientele are seated on playful ducks or in pink-and-purple Jeeps while the world’s fastest scissors go to work. Rather than winding down pre-haircut with a drink and a magazine, this particular establishment induces relaxation by offering a ballroom where one can release all of one’s pent-up toddler energy before being forced to sit still for that arduous 10 minutes in the chair. Did I mention that we were also treated to “Shark Tale” on a screen conveniently placed in front of Maddi’s Jeep?

Yes, Maddi was allowed to pick her own haircutting station and the Jeep won hands-down, as our wee one is still fascinated by all things wheeled and/or pink. It was quite the hit, although I’m not sure the hairdresser found it helpful when Maddi stood on the seat and began dancing during her haircut. At that moment, I was very happy indeed that I had not brought her in to my regular stylist.

Other than the outbreak of dance fever, Maddi was a perfect angel during her haircut and enjoyed “driving” the Jeep even though, to her dismay, the horn was not operational. She was so well-behaved, in fact, that she received a $3 discount on her cut because most babies take a bit longer (although this was also partly owing to the fact that she didn’t have much hair to take off).

Perhaps if her hair had been butchered, I would have felt sad, but instead I have spent the past several days admiring her cute new baby bob. She looks so much more polished now! It takes a few months off her face, but Chris says that’s a good thing since I’m always complaining about her getting too old too quickly.

And here, for your viewing enjoyment, are some pics of Maddi’s very first haircut!


Ready to cut!

First snip


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